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Edinburgh Airport Parking

Edinburgh Airport Parking information you can find out all the details from airport parking finder we make sure you have the best deals so you dont go anywhere else Located in Edinburgh one of Scotland’s most well known transport links is Edinburgh Airport, despite only having 2 runways it caters for around 9 million passengers a year. Operating services from over 40 airlines, both passenger and cargo flights travel to many destinations both in the UK and internationally, the most popular international destinations being Amsterdam and Paris. With this many passengers travelling through the aiport it will be no surprise to find hundreds of other people searching for Edinburgh Airport parking on the same day as yourself, all looking for the best space at the best price,. You have several options for Edinburgh Airport parking both for Long Stay Parking and Short Stay as well as other services such as fastTRACK options for anyone wanting to make the process of finding a space and heading off on holiday as easy as possible. All of the recommended car parks for Edinburgh airport and secure and well maintained so you can relax on holiday knowing that your car will be there waiting for you on your return, many of the car parks operate on a Automatic Number Plate Recognition entry system. Here is a guide as to the different car parks so that you can choose the best one to fit your specific needs.

Short Stay Edinburgh Airport Parking

For anyone that is only parking for a few hours such as picking a friend of family member up the Short Stay Edinburgh Airport parking would be what you are looking for. Perhaps you are just heading off on a day trip within the UK and will return within 24 hours then this could also be for you.  Any stays from 15 minutes up to 24 hours can use this car park located just a short walk from Edinburgh Airport terminal, with the option to pre-book or you can simply turn up on the day and pay directly at the car park.

With so many flights leaving Edinburgh for destinations throughout the UK the Short Stay parking is more popular than you might imagine. It is the perfect option when dropping off or picking up someone from a flight as it often works out cheaper paying only for the amount you need. The prices go up in hourly blocks up until 10 hours and then between 10 and 24 hours is a set price.

The short stay car park is also where Blue Badge holders can find 30 minutes free parking simply by showing their badges for validation at the manned ticket desk n the ground floor of the car park. The drop off point is conveniently located so that it is a very short walk to the terminal.

Long Stay Edinburgh Airport

The official on site Long Stay Edinburgh Airport Parking is ideal for anyone staying longer than 24 hours up to several weeks or even more. You can pre-book your parking space but for any last minute travellers you can also roll up and pay on the day as well, for the best prices it is always best to book at least 30 days in advance as this will get you discounted rates as well as being the best way to take advantage of any offers that may be running.  The Long Stay car park for Edinburgh Aiport is within the airport boundary and is a 24hour secure car park, it has attendants at every moment with regular patrols operating 24 hours. There is CCTV in operation at all times and is contained within security fencing and has Park Mark accreditation.

There is a courtesy coach transfer service to the airport terminal that runs every ten minutes and takes approximately 5 minutes to get there, so even if you just miss one coach you won’t have to wait long for another, this is for both pre booked and on the day parking. For anyone not sure where this car park is located the post code is EH12 9DN.

FastTRACK Parking

If being as close as possible to the terminal is what really matters to you when looking for Edinburgh Airport parking then it is definitely worth looking at the FastTRACK options they have available. There are 150 exclusive bays that are the closest to the airport terminal which you can pre book online or if you have already booked car parking you can upgrade to this service. Just a 1 minute walk to the terminal you can even turn up on the day for this service, not to mention that you also get dedicated lane entry making in the fastest Edinburgh airport car parking option available. If you don’t like queuing at the best of times then you are hardly going to want to wait trying to find a space at the Edinburgh Airport Parking so pre book with the Airport Parking Shop and make sure that you have all of the important things covered and are one of the first to be ready for your holiday wherever you may be going.

There are height restrictions at the FastTRACK, Drop Off and Multi Story car parks of 2.2m (7.2ft), anyone with a vehicle over this height should use the Over Height entrance to the right of the fastTRACK lane which takes you to the surface level of the Short Stay Edinburgh Airport Car Park. If you are even slightly unsure if your vehicle will fit it is best to check before you leave to make it easy to enter into the right lane for your designated Airport parking.

We Guarantee the Cheapest Prices

Whichever car park you choose to use for your Edinburgh Airport parking there are always going to be benefits of booking in advance whether it is getting cheaper rates or guaranteeing yourself a parking space no matter your arrival time at the airport. Advanced purchase bookings are not subject to any booking fees or hidden charges the price you see, simply compare the Edinburgh airport parking quotes available from the Airport Parking Shop and then book the most appropriate car parking for your particular needs.