An essential part of jetting off on holiday is of course getting to the actual airport in the first place and although public transport can often be an option to be considered it isn’t the most convenient especially if you are travelling with a group or young family. As so many people choose to travel to the airport via car they are then left with the dilemma of what to do with their car whilst they are on holiday. In such circumstances special airport parking is the perfect solution and here at Airport Parking Shop we can assist you in finding and evaluating the best airport parking at all of the airports in the United Kingdom and even some of the most popular airports overseas.

Airport parking can easily be considered a minefield if you are unaware of the various options, locations, costs and time periods which apply for parking across the various airports. There are many pros and cons to the different airport car parks that are available at the airports across the United Kingdom and these generally revolve around your own personal circumstances and requirements. For instance, if you are  a business user with very little time to spare, valet parking may be the ideal option for you but on the other hand if you are budget conscious and don’t mind a short shuttle bus transfer to the airport terminal once you have parked your car then there each airport typically has a basic long stay car parking which offers this service at a reasonable cost.

The easiest way to address the different parking options that are generally available across all UK airports is by your intended length of stay.

Drop Off and Pick Up Zones

If you are simply planning on dropping off a friend or family member at the airport and will be leaving after a short period of time then you will find the drop off zones which many of the larger airports have will be perfect for your needs. Typically these are located immediately in front of the terminal buildings so there is a very short walk for all involved. You generally do not need to pre book for dropping off and picking up but it is always worth checking out the policy for the specific airport to ensure you are not left disappointed when you arrive. It is worth also checking out the tariffs as if the incoming flight is delayed when you are planning on making the pick  up it may make more financial sense to take advantage of the full day rates in the short stay airport car parks.

Short Stay Airport Car Parking

Short stay airport car parking is designed for those who are making short breaks away, perhaps a city break or mid week business trip that means you will be returning in a matter of days. Short stay car parking is usually conveniently located just a short walk from the airport buildings with no need for a transfer. Generally the price tariffs of short stay airport car parking mean you can stay anywhere from 20 minutes up to one week or potentially longer but it is important to note that in almost all circumstances for stays of more than a few days you should be looking at the airport’s long stay airport car parks.

Long Stay Airport Car Parking

Long stay airport car parking tends to be the most popular parking option and the one which everyone is looking for. All of the larger airports have more than one long stay airport car park and these differ in their location and the price. When comparing different long stay airport car parks you will notice that location is key with some located on the grounds of the airport and suitably close to the terminal, some located within the airport grounds but quite a distance away and then those that can be located a mile or even more away from the airport and off the grounds which almost always require a shuttle bus transfer to the airport. Usually the further away the car park is from the airport the cheaper it is to park but of course shuttles aren’t always the preferred option for those who have young children and would just like to get into the airport as quickly as possible. Long stay airport parking is available for stays anywhere between one day and several weeks, usually 21 days abd although there are short stay airport car parks for stays between 1 and 5 days or so it is often cheaper to take advantage of great deals and stay in the long stay car parks. Airport car parks highlight the importance of security with CCTV, security patrols and various other security measures in place which means you can leave your car with the peace of mind it is in a completely secure area.

Valet Car Parking

Valet airport car parking is available at some of the bigger airports in the UK and is typically a form of long stay airport parking which is full of convenience and simplicity. You simply arrive at the valet parking point which is located at the outside of the airport and a valet will be there to greet  you, help you with your luggage and then take your car to its car parking place away from the airport. You will then be able to go straight into the airport with no worries about parking your car or transfers. At the majority of airports valet parking is a service which must be booked in advance online for you to be able to take advantage of it.

Benefits of Booking Airport Parking Online

When you book airport parking online at the Airport Parking Shop you will be able to take advantage of lots of benefits which you would miss. Such benefits include access to airport car parks which are only accessible for those who pre-book in advance, services such as valet parking and of course the pre-booking savings which can be made!